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The Johannesburg Sports Confederation is an association made up of the various Sporting Codes and Federations represented in the Johannesburg Municipal District.  The aim of the Johannesburg Sports Confederation is to provide a voice and platform for the Sports Federations in the Johannesburg Municipal District to collaborate and interact whilst enabling communication with the relevant Local and Regional Governments and Governmental Agencies.

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Our Vision & Mission Statement


Our Vision

The Johannesburg Sports Confederation seeks to act as a channel of communication between the relevant political organizations and civil society, ensuring that the correct principles are conveyed in order to enable the District Sports Confederation to act as an advisory body to the relevant MMC. This engagement must translate into meaningful strategic policies that benefit the Sporting Federations within the Johannesburg Municipal District.


Mission Statement

The Johannesburg Sports Confederation seeks to:

  • Become relevant to Sporting Federations and Local Government
  • Establish adequate communication and processes to enable the growth of sport in Johannesburg
  • Enable the meaningful interaction between the Sporting Stakeholders in Johannesburg
  • Build an inclusive and co-operative culture around Johannesburg Sport
  • Ensuring that all District Sporting Federations are appropriately and proactively managed to promote the sport whilst adhering to good corporate governance

Our Philosophy And Values

The Johannesburg Sports Confederation has embraced these values:

  • Inclusivity in sports
  • Using sport as an enabler of change
  • Using sport as a bridge to cross barriers and break down walls – be it race, religion or creed
  • Driving participation and grass-roots sports along with excellence in achievement from our excelling athletes
  • Demanding the best of our administrators
  • Putting the interests of the sport and it’s participants above personal interest

What do we do?

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The Johannesburg Sports Confederation has a specific mandate to:

  • Be the face of sport that is interacting with Government in the Johannesburg District – specifically the Sport and Recreation Directorate
  • Build a database of all Sporting Federations represented and active in the district
  • Build a 2 tier engagement platform for engagement with both the district sporting federations and the sub-district (region) sporting confederations
  • Build processes that enables the Sporting Federations to interact with local government at all levels – be it district or sub-district
  • Build the ability for Sporting Federations to grow club structures within the Johannesburg Municipal District
  • Develop the capacity for clubs to provide world class training and coaching to their athletes across all sporting codes
  • Incorporate the principles of Mass Participation and Sports Development into the agendas of the Sporting Federations that are active in the Johannesburg District along with the concept of Recreation as a precursor to Sport

Where are we?


Our Focus for 2022

The JSC has 7 major areas of focus for 2022:

  • Establishing the JSC as a relevant and useful agency for change in Johannesburg that is trusted by the Sporting Federations and Government alike
  • Build a strong relationship with the CoJ Sports and Recreation Directorate
  • Establish a complete database and repository of all Sporting Codes and Federations operating in the Johannesburg Municipal District along with Regional Confederation Representatives
  • Establish processes for all sporting codes to interact with the JSC and the Local Government for all matters. This must include contacts for all relevant Local Government services
  • Establish a process to access Sporting Venues along with fee waivers/fee reduction for all Sporting Codes
  • Establish an inter-disciplinary Coaching Forum to provide generic coaching focusing on high performance coaching techniques for all sporting codes
  • Establish a club management training program and forum in order to promote the establishment and management of strong clubs across all sporting codes


The JSC aims to operate the following commissions for 2019:

  • Coaching Commission
  • Disability Commission
  • District Colours Commission
  • School Sport Commission
  • Women’s Commission
  • Transformation Commission
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